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LYNO-LEUM (aka Massimo Mucchiut) is an independent video producer involved in advertising, activism, culture, education and performative arts.

ÇAVÊN: Test footage

These are the Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs from Kurdistan region of Iraq who hosted me for over one month. Hospitality has new standards to me. This is a context oversimplified and stereotyped by mainstream media. Beauty is everywhere, as well as a lesson to learn.

Special thanks: Suhaila, Shahnaz, Khalil, Masoud, Aziz, Nadir, Haitham, Federico, Sergio, Ilaria, Tommaso, Carlotta, Lia, all the UPP staff and the guests of Ashti IDP camp and Barika refugee camp who welcomed me like an old friend.

Test footage of 2017 mission in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Filmed in Erbil, Sulaymaniah, Qaraqosh and Arbat.

Open Letter To The Revolutionary People I’ve Met

It was 9AM, November 15th 2016.
At that time my destination was a secret which just a bunch of friends were aware of. I didn’t want one particular person I haven’t met yet, to know that I was walking to her, as my dreams suggested me to do in spring. I’ve been waiting five months that moment and, in the meanwhile, I prepared myself for the trip

So I thought, at least.

I left the home of my dear friend Francesco in Gemona del Friuli, in Northern East Italy, with a backpack and the most comfortable and resistant shoes I had, in a sharp and biting cold day.
When I moved the first steps I had the feeling that I was starting something immensely bigger than I’ve been able to imagine in the previous months, and still, I was unaware that this journey would turn out to be the most incredible experience of my life.

This message is for you: hosts and encounters, more or less accidental, who offered me a shelter or a meal and, what is most important, your time and your stories.

One of the reasons who moved me to take this long walk was to test the level of fear and individualism that today, maybe more than ever, is spread across the western world. The good news is that thanks to you all, to your kindness and curiosity, not only you helped a peregrine reach his destination, but you performed the revolutionary act of leaving the doors of your home open.

And because of this, beside gratitude, I utterly feel admiration for you all.

For long time I've been open to change my route, if fate would have suggested so, as the dreams put me on the road, but the road was always driving me to the present, step after step and, although I've been thinking and wondering wether to change my plan in more than one circumstance, I finally reached my goal, Almeria, in the South of Spain, on January 27th after about 1.800 km on foot. 

I’ve been rescued by sailors, bit by a dog, slept in woods, abandoned houses and caravans, hosted by hippies and families... I’ve learnt a lot, thanks to you all, about my limits and about this wonderful show called ”human being”. You've been challenging my points of view and, by sharing a slice of your life with me, I had the privilege to taste comedy and tragedy from the very first row.

You’ll always be welcome in my home, anywhere this will be.

I've found many treasures on the way. Some have been surprises, some others confirmations and, even though just a few words and some images of such a long trip aren’t enough to tell this story, my present for you is a list of what I’ve learned along this odyssey on foot. I’m sharing this list in the spirit of whom have received something important and wants to give it back.

As for the dreams, and what happened when I finally arrived to Almeria, there was no happy ending, and there was no ending either: the story is all yet to be written!


thoughts from a peregrine

(This list is subjective, as this whole experience)


  • When you're offered help, accept it. Always. Push pride aside and try to understand how to optimize the gift you were given.
  • Smile and kindness are contagious.
  • Money come and go. Time just goes.
  • Adventure is like future: is inside of us and nowhere else.
  • To keep long time alive a fire you need the right ratio of thin, mid, thick, dry and fresh wood.
  • People love to dream more than they recall or are aware of.
  • Pricking a blister from side to side and leaving inside a wire is great to leave the liquid bleeding out and avoiding the blisters to reform once again.
  • Leave the place where you have been hosted, is it indoor or outdoor, like or better than how you found it when you arrived.
  • Don't create debts.
  • Visualize, don't idealize.
  • Plan accurately and be always ready to improvise.
  • Don’t be shy while asking.
  • Patience is a very nobel virtue and it requires discipline to be improved.
  • You receive what you give.
  • When you’re offered a chance, grab it!
  • True hunger, like cold, are things for poor people (and they are very hard).
  • Chewing chocolate in the delicate moments helps you keep calm.
  • Falling into the trap of judging is very easy and harmful.
  • After 500 kilometers your arse becomes marble.
  • Intuition is fundamental and learning how to listen to it isn’t easy, nor impossible.
  • When you’re in front of a wall, seek for the crack (there’s always one!)
  • Dreams give you inspiration. Inspiration can change reality. Reality, finally, is the only music you can dance, and you always have to accept it.
  • To dream means having the courage to believe in what you’re capable of imagine.

Oltre il muro - Trailer

Oltre il muro (Beyond The Wall) is an experimental documentary shot in Gemona del Friuli.
Friuli, one part of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, located on the Northern East of Italy, was struck by several earthquakes in 1976. About 1000 people died and more than 100.000 were displaced.

The video depicts the spirit of the people and their incredible reaction to the catastrophic events through the words and actions of some of the witnesses of Gemona, and highlights how that spirit was transferred to the new generations.

The project was commissioned by the street art crew Bravi Ragazzi.
Produced by Lyno-leum and Hubstract. Made for Art!

Shot in winter 2016 - Gemona del Friuli, Italy

Un ponte per... - Reportage

Niente Paura (No Fear) is a street art project which aims to stimulate multi-ethnical dialogue through participative work and creativity.

The reportage documents the project, explains the life in the IDP's camps and the framework in which UPP operates in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Special thanks to Sergio Dalla Ca' Di Dio, Giulia Cappellazzi, Carlotta Macera, Mattia Campo Dall'Orto, Sami Alali, Ali Taha Al Hashmy, Teeba Mohamed, Hardi Fazel Jaff.

Shot in 2016 - Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan

Un ponte per... - Fundraising Campaign

Alen is a eight years old Kurdish kid who had to flee from his hometown because of Daesh occupation. Although life is hard in a refugee camp, he perceives his world with magic: he is the Prince and the camp is his kingdom.

The video was shot in Ashti IDPs camp - Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan in February 2016.

Idea, camera, editing - Massimo Mucchiut
Producer - Sergio Dalla Ca' Di Dio
Music - Jovana Backovic
Sound design - David Fumolo
Translator - Nader Dado

Commissioned by Un ponte per...


The campaign includes a photo shooting which will be published on newspapers and magazines in Italy and distributed over social media.


The aim is to collect funds in order to support Iraqi and Syrian kids victims of wars and grant them the right of education and a better childhood.



A Call From The Deep

About one year ago I spent a few days in Warsaw. It was a very tough period of my life.
One cloudy afternoon I was walking alone down one the main streets of the center. At some point, I recall, I stared down at my feet for a while.

I kept walking.

I remember those few seconds as if they happened today: a flashlight passed me through. The clutter around me vanished like fog in the wind. The pain which was encaging me slowly left space to a shrouding feeling of lightness, and a renewed enthusiasm started to mount within. 

A moment of illumination. The more I was watching my feet on the walk, the more I came to realize that this was exactly what I wanted to do.


After since that very moment, all of my efforts converged with the aim to create a new professional life which would grant me the privilege to explore and meet. Months passed by and stamps started to mark and color my passport.

I was back home when I started having an intense sequence of dreams: someone in a place far away, a land I haven't been yet, was calling me. The dream was clear: I would reach my destination on foot.
The dreams stopped, eventually, only the day I decided I would leave.

I can move without problems basically anywhere I want. This is a privilege I'm aware of.
Curiosity makes the whole story sound like an ineluctable duty.

I've been waiting this day for a long time.

I'm coming.