Videography. Performance. Activism.

LYNO-LEUM (aka Massimo Mucchiut) is an independent video producer involved in advertising, activism, culture, education and performative arts.


After many years spent thinking, creating, writing, organizing, filming, directing, editing where, too often, too many of those came along together, I started considering stock footage as an alternative income.

But (as always) it's not only about money. What's interesting is the idea behind it: creating the content you want, when you want, where you think it's most suitable and sell it to the world. No contact with clients, no deadline (will this be true?) and creative freedom.

I'm studying the microstock world and I started to dig the archives in search of footage I can start to fill my first portfolio with. Here's a short selection (the cat is borrowed from Tina).


The name I picked for this new adventure is Stroke Footage.

Here's the first showreel.



Rolling up the sleeves...