Videography. Performance. Activism.

LYNO-LEUM (aka Massimo Mucchiut) is an independent video producer involved in advertising, activism, culture, education and performative arts.

NAME: Morphmedia


ASSIGNMENT: Video producer

In a content driven marketing landscape a great story is the key to an audience. Morphmedia creates stories that resonate with your audience. Morphmedia is a multidisciplinary collective made of professionals specialized in the production of multimedia content.


NAME: Hejma

PROJECT TYPE: Multimedia production

ASSIGNMENT: Video producer

Hejma (domestic in Esperanto) goes back to the roots of the Mediterranean culture to discover authentic Croatian cuisine, local food folklore, and the people that make it all happen. The journey starts in Istria, Croatia’s most indulgent culinary region. Hejma will look for good healthy food, wine and olive oil makers, traditional food feasts, uncovering local delicacies and the stories behind them.


NAME: Arhai


ASSIGNMENT: Video producer, visual artist

Arhai is a folktronica project – ongoing collaboration between Jovana Backovic and award winning folk guitarist, Adrian Lever who aside twelve-string guitar also plays Bulgarian version of tambura (long necked lute from the Balkan region) and medieval dulcimer.


NAME: Res_eT


ASSIGNMENT: Visual artist

Res_eT is a musical project formed by Enrico Giletti (electric bass), Carlo Alberto Fontana (electronics), Andrea Gulli (electronics) and Paolo Pascolo (flute, alto sax). Recently the band is exploring the collaboration with Manuel Pitton (drums).

Laptops, controllers, tape recorder, radio, contact mics and traditional instruments are melted together to create a unique sound halfway between improvisation and structured electronic music.


NAME: Novadroga

PROJECT TYPE: Performative arts

ASSIGNMENT: Author, visual artist

Novadroga is a performative collective formed by actor/director Paolo Fagiolo, musician Andrea Gulli and visual artist Massimo Mucchiut.

The purpose of the project is to explore performative communication combining acting, music and image through the usage of contemporary technologies and live elements. The main focus is the analysis and re-elaboration of pre-labeled topics.