A Kurdish Insight

UPP, a historical Italian NGO, gives me the opportunity to get really close to some contexts very discussed in the last decade, and yet so misinterpreted. I have spent several months of the last years in refugee and IDP camps. Needless to say that the reality is very far from any main-stream narrative.



Oltre il muro is an experimental docudrama shot in Gemona del Friuli, a town that in 1976 was severely damaged by a series of earthquakes.
The local community and the crew of street artists Bravi Ragazzi / Elementi Sotterranei asked me to realize a document which would tell the stories of three generations.


Eastern Circus

36 days, 4 countries: Nepal, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Indonesia.
Following an international volunteering project named VolunTube, I had the opportunity to visit the very heart of the life of each country. Always in families, I often happened to work in rural areas, slums and city centers.
Culturally very far, as always happens, people is people anywhere in the world. The sense of hospitality and some friendships born during that time, is something I cherish. Forever thankful.


Three Colorful Generations

Elementi Sotterranei (Underground Elements) is a urban arts and graffiti festival organized by the association Bravi Ragazzi, which for a decade gathered some of the most important street artists in the world.
But this is really not that important. What matters most, is that a bunch of young and dedicated writers managed to let their own town fall in love with their international guests. Fun and comedy soon started to spread like a virus and now Gemona, the small town victim of a tremendous earthquake in the '70, is living a new golden age.
Beside the color of the story, over 20 thousands square meters of walls were decorated over the years in town.


Activism Through a Lens

Primi Piani in an NGO which aims to report and denounce socially minded matters. From education to migration, the focus is the research of truth and giving voice to those who don't have one.