Alen, the Prince Refugee


Nothing would have happened.

The be frank, back in Italy, the NGO didn't quite get what I wanted to do.
Fortunately for all of us, one of them with me in Iraq, did. He trusted me and it was the right guy. Without Sergio and later Nader, nothing would have happened.
I wanted to offer a portrait of refugees different from the unfair mainstream media, yet totally loyal, and fantastic at the same time.

In the photo with Nader and Sergio, doing what I know best during a shot and another. Alen is trying to help, as always.

10644394_999818296766241_5898696142684659258_o copy copy.jpg

What the hell?

Three days to the flight back home.
The idea came overnight: The Prince.
The day after started with a casting into the camp.
I recall thinking: "Gosh! What the hell am I doing?
I used to do this with models in proper studios not more than one month ago..."


Guerrilla at its best.

The news of a "film" being shot in the camp spread quickly, and soon many guests were involved and had a lot of fun. Three days of carousel and enthusiasm like I never experienced before. Guerrilla video-making at its best.

In the picture Alen and Mina are wearing the best GoPro head mount I could think of.

The video became then the spot for the national fundraising campaign in favor of Iraqi and Syrian children war victims.