PERFORMANCE TYPE: Audiovisual performative exhibition

PRODUCTION: CSS, Dialoghi/Residenze, Novadroga

AUTHORS: Paolo Fagiolo (directing, acting); Massimo Mucchiut (video-maker, mapping); Federico Petrei (visuals, programming, interaction designer); Andrea Gulli (electronics, music)

Food as a paradigm of our time: FoodFaction is a collective project which was elaborated in its first artistic research stage for Dialoghi / Residenze and adapted for spaces at Villa Manin.
Industrial food production and its impact on our lives as individuals and as a planetary community are at the center of FoodFaction, a research project focused on the theme of food as a dimension from which to observe what happens in the world, as an artistic representation including interactive video, theater, music and visual design.


The Adventures of The Good Soldier Svejk

PERFORMANCE TYPE: Audiovisual performative reading

PRODUCTION: Mittelfest, Novadroga

AUTHORS: Paolo Fagiolo (directing, acting); Massimo Mucchiut (adaptation, animations, visuals); Andrea Gulli (adaptation, electronics, music)

The good soldier, whose cunning purity is equal to his apparent stupidity, has taken his rightful place among the archetypes of universal literature.
The Novadroga collective readapted Hasek's satirical masterpiece into an interactive audiovisual reading. One actor on stage establishes a relationship full of pace and irony with the main characters of Hasek's novel as well as with the audience.
Moving images freely spaced offer a variety of styles ranging from classic Monty Python cut-outs to glitchy fragments and iconic contemporary references, while the soundtrack is a mash up of samples and soundscapes with no discrimination regarding genre.



PERFORMANCE TYPE: Audiovisual performative reading

PRODUCTION: CSS Udine, Mittlefest, Novadroga

AUTHORS: Paolo Fagiolo (directing, acting); Massimo Mucchiut (adaptation, animations, visuals); Andrea Gulli (adaptation, electronics, music)

Lennonsense is an audiovisual interactive reading with video-mapping elements and sampling. One actor on stage reads John's excerpts and interacts with the changing scenography of painted light in acidic colors on the surfaces of the building behind him. John Lennon wrote a very psychedelic book, full of humorous and abstract stories, jokes, play on words. Without doubt, we hadh fun and enjoyed a lot of research freedom  due to the source material.



PERFORMANCE TYPE: Live music & visuals

PRODUCTION: Pixxelmusic

AUTHORS: Antares DJ Color (Music), Massimo Mucchiut (visuals & mapping)

A journey into the last 30 years of Bass music and a lot (loooot) of snow.


Balkan Worlds

PERFORMANCE TYPE: Live music & visuals


AUTHORS: Jovana Bakovic (vocals and electronics), Adrian Lever (medieval / Balkan instruments), Massimo Mucchiut (visuals)

Working with Jovana and Adrian it's been a very intimate experience. They are both talented and very sensitive individuals, beside excellent musicians. Their melodic approach to music opened up a vast visual space for me to investigate and create new visuals for their tour in UK and Balkans.


SSST - Stage Design Model

PERFORMANCE TYPE: Case study & video-mapping


Thru Hate & Anger

PERFORMANCE TYPE: Audiovisual performative act

PRODUCTION: Omissis, Dobialab, Novadroga

AUTHORS: Paolo Fagiolo (acting); Massimo Mucchiut and Roberto Leonarduzzi (image, projections); Andrea Gulli (electronics, music, feedback); Carlo Fontana (electronics, programming); Enrico Giletti (bass); Paolo Pascolo (flute, alto sax).

A series of reflections and politically incorrect topics are some of the main themes that define the being in the world: racism, diversity, war, violence and sets, the pain and its manifestations, the intolerance, faith, fear, avoidance and control. These are the fundamental themes of the narrative moment conducted through the interpretation by the actor Paolo Fagiolo, a collage of texts from classical and modern authors of literature, theater and poetry, non-fiction and contemporary newspaper articles processed through a fragmented writing,  rhythmically close to a montage of obsessive video clips.
The result is a painful character, dangerous as it has nothing more to safeguard that reveals, almost psychoanalytic elements obscure turbidity of social life through anger and hatred as a means of defense, violent emotions and so-called anti-social on which to set up your communication.


Back in the days...

In my early years of vjing I had the opportunity to visualize the music of many dj's, producers and bands and to travel performing at an heterogeneous variety of venues and festivals. 



VJS --- Aiko!; Prof. Log; Incredible Bob; Tokyo; VJ Girls; Montage Sauvage; Ki-Tech; Inocybe; Re:tinalick; Lole.Kee.Bolek. 

DJS --- Princess Superstar; Aphrodite; Anja Schneider & Sebo K; Jamie Jones; Jennifer Cardini; DJ Food & DK; The Panacea; Rodney Hunter; Streetlife DJS; Mampi Swift; Plump DJS; Tayo; Freestylers; Lomo; Dave Nahls; Morpheuss; Concord Dawn; Phase; Luke Dzierzek; Nick Liousias; GueMix; Ogi; Ivee; Miss Soulfly; Danza Macabra; Fabrizio Gucciardi, Bless Music, Cocoa.

Live performers --- Booka Shade; Deadbeat; Martin Buttrich; The Fix; Dan Berkson & James What; Res_et; Disciples; Eric Sneo; The Lift; Cubop; Giorgio Pacorig; Gabriele Cancelli; Lady Gaby; Tres Monos. 

Crews and collectives --- Synthesis (ITA); Eye|Con (AUT); Thru Hate & Anger (ITA); Spring Festival (AUT); IntosomethinG? (SLO); Masa:Kru (CRO); Dobialab (ITA); Ma++a+oioscenico (ITA); CP8-9-10 (CRO); The Dubquest (SWI); Idiocracy (ITA-GER); Hexagon (ITA); Frequenze (ITA); ESC (ITA); Underworld Theory (CRO); Different Grooves (ITA); Energetica (CRO); Technikola (CRO); CFSN (CRO); Nesto Novo (CRO); Dub Club (AUT).



Urban Art Forms Festival - Wiesen (AUT); Stazione di Topolo' - Topolo' (ITA); UNZ UNZ the paRty - Gradisca (ITA); Flex - Vienna (AUT); K4 - Ljubljana (SLO); Omissis Festival - Gradisca (ITA); Mittelfest - Cividale del Friuli (ITA); Carnival Party - Rijeka (CRO); Kulturhallen Dampfzentrale - Bern (SWI); XM24 - Bologna (ITA); Spring Festival - Graz (AUT); Videoskop & Illectricity Festival - Zagreb (CRO); Pixxelmusic Festival - Nova Gorica (SLO); Metelkova - Ljubljana (SLO); OP Art Festival - Opatija (CRO); Priredba Festival - Preluk (CRO); Balkan Soul - Subotica (SRB); Vipolze Castle (SLO); PPC - Graz (AUT); DAE - Dobialab - Staranzano (ITA); Underwater Overground Festival - Pula (CRO); Temple Club - Rovinj (CRO); Veilchen - Graz (AUT); Cvetlicarna - Ljubljana (SLO); Disko Klub Tesla - Rijeka (CRO); Sin Club - Berlin (GER); Sub Sub - Ljubljana (SLO); Mostovna - Nova Gorica (SLO); Circolo Anni 60 - Udine (ITA); Base Discoclub - Lignano (ITA); Fun Academy - Rijeka (CRO); Ausonia - Trieste (ITA); Tocka - Rijeka (CRO); Electrostage - Muris (ITA); Juice - Trieste (ITA); Bar Buzz - Monfalcone (ITA); Noster Nostri Festival - Kostanjevica (SLO); Loophole - Berlin (GER); Teatro Miela - Trieste (ITA).