How to beat Dejan Zavec in (less than) two rounds

Here's the first story... 

Toyota Slovenia commissioned a TV and a YouTube Pre-Roll spots for their new campaign in March.

They first asked me to film the spot in one day. Then they asked me how long the shootings would take. I said that with a minimum of four hours I could grant some results.
The day after they called me back and said that Dejan gave half hour of availability. To je to.

Ok, nothing new. We'll rework some footage I filmed in 2014, I thought.


But it's not all.

The next day the client calls and says that Dejan will record some voice over himself. No need, no time, no hope to visit him in Ptuj (even better I thought: the last time I visited him I lost my mobile).

So how to use his sentences in a way people would think he's really talking to them?

Fortunately, the first time I met him I've got him talking while driving. 
I managed to find some footage of that conversation and I tried to match his new audio recording. Here's the spot (the trick is at 13"):

Would you notice it?

A 25" version has been circulating on YouTube as a Pre-Roll ad. Here it is.
The results of the campaign in therms of views were very successful.

Here's the second story...

Right after Zavec spot I had a request for an adaptation of a 30 to 20" foreign spot with some motion tracking (driving plate replacement) and basic A/V editing for TV purposes.

I asked an old friend in Graz to help me with it and I couldn't be more happy about the workflow, understanding and final result! Tobi, you rule!

This was the original spot and below the version we re-edited.

The extended version of the spot, is extremely nice and well produced. Congrats!

In the end I missed Zavec (really cool guy), I found a new collaborator and, most importantly of all, my two cats seemed to enjoy the whole process!

Working with Toyota Slovenia is a challenge as much as it's a real pleasure. Always!