TEST: Slow Mo

I finally had a little time for a walk and I grabbed the chance to test the Panasonic GH4 slow motion feature. I see the potential but I don't yet like the final result.
It'll take some time to adapt to the tool and workflow revolution: FCP7 to FCPX, Colorista to DaVinci and most of all Canon to Panasonic.  
I didn't even try to grade this video with DaVinci (no time) and, as you can see, the skin tones (both in backlight and hard light) look very artificial.

All in all the slow motion is very appealing but it's lacking some detail, mostly in shadows and the sharpness is not comparable to the standard frame rate, both in HD and 4K modes. My feeling is that a 720p output is the limit. HD broadcast is out of question.
Nothing new. Whoever searches the topic on the web can find tons of tests which basically drive to my same conclusions.

Maybe with the GH5 it'll be possible to do much more (thanks Giorgio for the April's fool, you almost got me!)

YouTube compression is making an awful work in this case. Full HD settings even with a small player window is strongly recommended!

I shot this video holding a monopod and the camera upside down. Then I put together this test in a few minutes. Special thanks to the girls!