Kapchiy (working title)

About 6000Km, 30 days, 10 countries, 8 artists, 2 travelers.
Trieste, Bilbao, Niort, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Poznan, Warsaw and Vienna on the route.

This journey is the STEP_1 of a project imagined originally by Francesco Kerotoo Patat. Although the idea is shaped and the intention clear, the format of the STEP_2 is still to be decided.

Here's the route...

The purposes of this first step of the project are:

  • Recruiting the artists (painters and street artists);
  • Exploring the meanings of journey, traveler, artist, handicraft-maker;
  • Understanding the elements of the STEP_2 through a process of discovery guided by a manifesto that will force us to act, think and behave according to precise coordinates in order to test our limits, face our fears and boost creativity.

Although we'll produce multimedia content and artwork all along the journey, we decided not to document and promote the trip in real time canonically (social media, building an audience, etc).
Most of the production will be tailored to move towards the second step of the project and our focus will be the journey experience: personal and shared.

The artists we'll be meeting are (in order of visit): Vesod, Corn79, Sebas Velasco, Bims, Malakkai, Mario Mankey, Robert Proch and Sepe.