UPP, the well-established, Italian NGO, enables me to work closely with key contexts that have been widely discussed over the last decade and yet largely misrepresented. In recent years, I have spent several months in refugee and IDP camps. It goes without saying that the reality is far removed from any mainstream narrative.



Oltre il Muro is an experimental docudrama shot in Gemona del Friuli, a town that was severely damaged by a series of earthquakes in 1976. The local community and street artists’ crew, the Bravi Ragazzi (Goodfellas) / Elementi Sotterranei (Underground Elements), asked me to realize a documentary which would recount the stories of three generations.



The world is changing. We are no longer the peasants we were: we no longer live in an endless present with a vast past; we live in a momentary present with a vast future. This future grows away from us, and our needs and desires with it.
The need and desire of elsewhere – of somewhere better – is not new, but perhaps it has never been so urgent.

#1 - Turkey.


Eastern Circus

36 days, 4 countries: Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia. Due to the international volunteering project, VolunTube, I had the opportunity to visit the very heart of life in each of these countries. Always staying with families, I often worked in rural areas, slums and city centers.
Although culturally very distinct, people are people wherever they are in the world: the sense of hospitality and certain friendships that were born during this time are something that I cherish and for which I’ll be forever grateful.