Thru Hate & Anger

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Not spoken, labeled.

If anyone listened to us talking in that period, they would have reported us to police.
It was in a bar like many others that I confessed to my old friend and actor Paolo that I wanted to do a piece about pedophilia. I felt I knew nothing about those bastards because some topics they are simply not spoken. Just labeled.

No judgment.

Fortunately we share the same kind of curiosity and soon we involved a few others artists: a nu-jazz and electronic band and another vj, possibly unaware of the risks, at least in the beginning.
We placed the idea into a frame: no judgment, only plain storytelling as it happens.
Thou, finding the cohesion of three different arts and languages (acting, video and music) for seven different artists, hasn't been a ginger-beer.


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Introducing the issue.

The daughter of an friend starred in the videos as the abducted and abused kid. We agreed that we would avoid her understanding what the shootings were about by playing games.
Later, the mother had a chance to introduce her to the issue.

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A hard dry hit.

The night of the premiere, during the performance, I remember hearing a hard and dry hit sound. Later we found out that someone in the audience passed out. The sound was the head bumping on the floor.
Nothing in the show was explicit, but the habit of condemning sight unseen easily generates strong contrasts and, obviously, unpredictable emotional reactions.