Kind editorial board,

my name is Massimo and I’m a freelance video-maker.
Forgive my English, I’m not a native speaker.

I’m writing you about Alen’s story, a young refugee actor who helps other kids like him.
Alen is a nine years old kid and he was born in Qaraqosh, in the suburbs of Mosul, Iraq.

Since two years he became the testimonial of a series of social fund rising campaigns for an Italian NGO (UPP), which is active in the Middle East since 26 years in order to support war victims, build dialogue among cultures and, more recently, fight islamophobia.

The projects he is involved aim to help other kids like him who live in refugee camps and are now, slowly, going back home after liberation from Daesh occupation.


Alen and his family, together with about 6.000 people, are living since almost three years in an IDP camp in Erbil.

I met Alen two years ago during a mission in Iraqi Kurdistan. In that occasion I proposed one of my UPP colleagues  to realize a video in order to collect funds in favor of the kids of the camp.

The tale of The Prince Alen was born, which then became the story of the national Xmas campaign 2016.

This year we decided to continue to work with the kids and families of the camp, opening the end to a new scenario: the comeback home after the liberation of Daesh.

Alen is a very smart and good willing kid. Every time we meet he’s enthusiast about the idea of working on new videos and taking new photos.

The participation of Alen, the other kids of the camp and their families is total, and the nature of the projects, which is including only non-professional actors, aims to put the participants in front of cathartic situations and engage them deeply. Equally, we’re trying to establish a deeper connection with the so-called Western World and fighting islamophobia.

The working conditions are very often pure improvisation: characters to be changed the very last second and surprising new haircuts, just to mention a couple.

Thanks to Alen’s and his little friends efforts, every year we’re able to provide school kits, clothes, health and psychological assistance for many kids.

We’re now trying to give more visibility to this year’s Xmas campaign but, beside the NGO goals, the story of Alen, young actor refugee who helps other kids like him, seems to us a small special story with a viral potential for social media, and the material we have is truly a lot among footage, photos and making of clips. 


I hope I could tell you a story worth telling.
Looking forward from a kind answer by your side, I take this chance to wish you a nice day.

Massimo Mucchiut