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My name is Massimo.

I can sum up my professional activity like this: freelance video and photographer, social activist and visual performer. My background is multidisciplinary and my mansions in creative works can vary a lot.

I love people and my main purpose is to engage them in a process of mutual discovery and cathartic acts, finalized to describe poetically and respectfully the realities they live in.

When I'm actually busy doing the magic, the line between work and fun is very thin, and I often catch friends blurring it out.

I'm very lucky and I know it.

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Dreaming means having the courage to believe in what you can imagine.

Without particular merit, I inherited all the best possible civil rights many around the world can only dream about.

I'm a digital gypsy and a "first class" citizen with an extraordinary facility to move through countries because of my birth place, passport and skin color.
Traveling is a kind of responsibility, as well as passing on the beauty I see, and helping out others.

The rest is a choice: have fun!