The future is constantly expanding and our dreams are struggling to grasp it. Whether it’s running away from the insecurity of war, seeking economic opportunity elsewhere, defending one’s home from the investments of multinational corporations, or the endemic flight from ourselves (escapism), questioning the meaning of home makes us reflect on our identity and the hopes for our families.
This is a teaser trailer of the ongoing research.

Director|Camera|Editing : Massimo Mucchiut
Director (Turkey) : Christopher Thomson
Creative Producer (Germany) : Aurora Mischi

The Prince

Alen is an eight years old Kurdish kid who had to flee from his hometown because of Daesh’s occupation. Although life is hard in a refugee camp, he perceives his world with magic: he is the Prince and the camp is his kingdom. The video was shot in the Ashti IDPs camp of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, and it’s part of UPP Italian national fundraising campaign in favour of Iraqi kids war victims.

Producer : Sergio Dalla Ca di Dio
Assistant | Interpreter : Nader Dado
Sound Mix : David Fumolo
Music : Jovana Backovic
Director|Camera|Editing : Massimo Mucchiut
Special thanks : UPP staff


Bestival was an annual music festival founded by British DJ Rob da Bank in 2004, known for its diverse lineup spanning various genres and its immersive, creative atmosphere. Held on the Isle of Wight, it became a beloved event celebrated for its inclusivity and unique, themed experiences until its last edition in 2018.

Client : Replay
Director|Camera|Editing : Massimo Mucchiut
Additional Camera : Julien Duval
Producer : Chris Campbell, Emanuela Virago, Tim Ertl
Agency : Morphmedia


I’ve spent several years working closely with some key contexts that have been widely discussed over the last decade and yet largely misrepresented, like refugee and IDP camps. It goes without saying that reality is far removed from any mainstream narrative. Çavên — meaning ‘eyes’ in Kurdish — is a non-narrative step closer to the reality of those whose lives are repeatedly misportrayed on TV.

Fixer|Interpreter : Suhaila Karimi, Jamil Ali
Director|Camera|Editing : Massimo Mucchiut
Special thanks : Federico Guarino, Shahnaz Ismail, Shwan Aziz, Ilaria Zambelli, Sergio Dalla Ca di Dio and the whole UPP staff

Fogo Nero

Toni left a few years ago. Maybe he was busy picking mushrooms or working wood. He’s back now and soon the new album too. Meanwhile here’s a short film we shot starting from a promise he made to himself.

Story|Music|Lyrics : Toni Bruna
Director|Camera|Editing : Massimo Mucchiut
Sound Mix : David Fumolo
Titles : Studio Ai Chan♥