My name’s Massimo.

I'm a freelance video-maker, photographer, activist and visual performer. I come from a multidisciplinary background ranging from documentary to fiction, advertising and live performance, and my role in creative projects vary.

I chosen long time ago to be author of any of the projects I would work on in order to preserve an independent look.

I'm interested in people, making connections and overcoming cultural barriers.

My aim is to engage those I work with in a process of mutual, self-discovery, enabling them to describe through various means the realities in which they live.

Being able to travel without restriction creates a certain responsibility, providing the chance to receive and give along the way.

Without particular justification, I was born with all the best possible civil rights that many around the world can only dream of. I'm a "first class" citizen able to move around countries with extraordinary ease because of my birth place, passport and skin color.

This incredible opportunity carries within a responsibility: I'm interested in activism that engages with humor and creativity and it's something people want to take part in.

What I learnt along the way is that dreaming means having the courage to believe in what you can imagine.


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