DIMMI di Storie Migranti

DIMMI di storie migranti (Tell Me About Migrant’s Stories) aims to build a new narration in Italy around the over-simplified topic of migrations, especially in this critical historical moment filled with anger and fear towards the other.

In the frame of this project, ten guys and girls coming from Italy and Iraq could travel the other’s countries and discover their limits and stereotypes, seeing with their own eyes the life and the problems of several specific topics such as: inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue, civil society and war-related consequences.

The project is co-financed by AICS and coordinated by UPP, among others.

Below a selection of two mini-docs and a video-clip based on their original travel experience and one more reportage about the Poetry Slam workshop which took part in Monza (ITA).
The videos are spoken in Italian, Arabic and Kurdish, and subtitled in Italian.

Special thanks: Federico Guarino, Benedetta Sanna, David Fumolo.