Elsewhere started in 2016 in Iraqi Kurdistan, in the home of a family I’ve met and become friends with. The hospitality of these people challenged my personal definition of home, possibly because I felt at home for the first time in a long time, despite the utter cultural differences.

That encounter, I found out later, started an underlying pattern of work within the work for me. In the following years, I’ve explored and challenged many with this personal, cultural and never-wrong definition, while a growing fascination for escapism and identity started to flourish all around it.

Given the impossibility to agree on such a subjective definition, do we all have the right to have a place we can call home? And are the dreams of the people equal to one another?

After Iraq, Turkey, the gate to Europe, followed. Germany has been after since the logical following step of this journey, which aimed to collect the first draft of stories, wishes and motivations along the route of hope, escaping from whatever reason is enough for a human being to risk its own life, dignity and present tense.