Time Capsule: Intosomething?

10 years ago (!!!) I started a collaboration I really enjoyed with Master-of-Disasters crew Intosomething?, a bunch of stylish and wild animals involved in electronic music, events and lifestyle.

Fedja, the supersonic brain of the crew, asked me to create a series of videos in order to promote the season of parties in K4, historical club in Ljubljana (Slovenia). That day, during the ultrafast conversation, I could get a few key-points: the party is shaped on you and the question is: “Are you in?”
Not much more honestly, other than everything should be done within a couple of days.

That very night I dreamt of a story. When I woke up I vividly had the memory of it. I rushed looking for a pen and I wrote it down.
There it was, exactly as I dreamt it. 

A few friends then helped me out: Simone, Ana, Ciccio Tomaz and Antares. Thank you!

Here’s the first of four… ARE YOU IN?