UPP Youth Centers Fund Raising Campaign

UPP is very active in providing opportunities to young Kurds, Iraqi and Syrians who are escaping wars. Nowadays, only in Iraqi Kurdistan, there are several Youth Centers which provide workshops and initiatives through which youngsters can meet, get to know each other, develop their own ideas and improve their professional and artistic skills.

I was asked to pick one of the young fellas I had the opportunity to meet during my missions in order to tell a story which would represent the YC reality.
The choice, quite naturally, fell upon Sami: my “pupil”, as we use to joke.
Sami is a spaceship of energy (although sometimes no one is driving) and this video tells how he flew from Mosul and how he could slowly start a new life in Erbil first, and Sulaymaniah later, thanks to the YCs and those who fuel them day by day.